Kidbrooke Community Enterprises

Guarida Community Cafe was formed in 2008 and is the trading arm of Kidbrooke Community Enterprises, a community led social enterprise. Rosa Goncalves, a local resident with over 20 years' experience of community activity and food preparation, founded the organisation.  

What we hope to achieve

There is much we hope to achieve. We have a team of committed professionals who support our management functions and continued development. You can read about us and our aspirations here. (Word file)

 Rosa Goncalves, 
General Manager

 KCE has ambitious and far reaching plans for the  future. Central to these is developing our trading    arm, Guarida Community Cafe into a viable        business  generating a sustainable income. Also  important to  us is providing training,  volunteering  and  employment opportunities for  local people. 

 Our aim is to facilitate opportunities to engage  with  the forces of change in our area and within  wider  society. We hope to maximise the potential  for  growth offered by the regeneration of the area  and  to secure our position as a viable presence in  the  new development plans.